How to access shared notes in Onenote?

Method 1:

  • Login in Onenote Desktop app with same email id on which notes are shared by us.
  • Click on File as below:

Click on Open as below:

Click on Shared notebooks and let them sync:


If you are not able to see shared notebooks as mentioned above it is because Onenote takes time in syncing notebooks across cloud. In that case, you can use Method 2 as mentioned below.

Method 2:

  • Login on in browser with the same email on which notes are shared.
  • You should see shared notebooks as shown below:

Click on the notebook you want to open in desktop app. You should see a “Open in Desktop App” button on top right like below:

Click on “Open in Desktop App” button and let the notebook sync. Once added in desktop, it will remain there and sync automatically.