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Essay is the most ignored aspect of UPSC exam. Students don’t prepare for it and they repent their decision when they get below average marks and miss selection or good rank by few marks.

Scoring average marks (120 – 135) in current pattern is easy and can be done by minimal preparation even if one does not have exceptional writing skills.

You can access our essay notes here All Essay Notes

With these notes help (+ some notes we have in hard copy), we are able to score > 65% marks consistently.

Disclaimer: These notes will not open correctly on mobile. You need to subscribe to access them in mobiles and in offline mode.

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  2. If you find some factual/conceptual mistake in our notes
  3. If you like our notes. That will encourage us to do more.
  4. If you don’t like our notes, then let us know why. That will help us to rectify the issue.

6 thoughts on “Essay Notes”

    1. we have started posting them here (mostly on Sunday’s).. keep checking the website .. we will post all of them well before this year’s mains so that you can use them ..

  1. nice effort……………….but some mistakes like ….you mentioned only five priciple of nolan committee but there are seven principles given by nolan committee

    1. In Ethics -> definitions , we have given all 7 principles of Nolan committee. In RTI, we have given 5 which are related to transparency. (Leadership and Selflessness are not directly related to Transparency). Anyways, thanks for the feedback. Best of Luck.

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