India’s first dedicated scientific mission to study sun Will study suns outer most layers – the corona and chromosphere Will yield information for space weather prediction –> useful in satellite operation, electronic interference etc. Will help in understanding corona and solar wind Created with Microsoft OneNote 2016.    

1991 Reforms : Report Card

25 years of 1991 reforms Positives: De-regulation De-licensing Investment friendly environment Government monopoly and license-quota-inspector raj abolished. Private sector role increased in infrastructure, mining, telecom etc. Service sector opened (now contributes > 60%) -> IT, BPO, KPO etc. Problem of Foreign Exchange Reserve solved (now ~ $350 billion) Negatives: Increased exposure to global shocks (1997 …

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  Facts: India has 14500 km potential of inland waterways. Water is a state subject, while the development and regulation of shipping and navigation comes under the jurisdiction of the Union government. USA (21 percent), China, Japan and South Korea use more than 40 percent internal transport through inland water National Waterways (NW) project possesses …

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Payment Banks

What are Payment Banks? Payment banks are non-full service banks, whose main objective is to accelerate financial inclusion. These banks have to use the word ‘Payment Bank’ in its name which will differentiate it from other banks What will they do? Collect deposits ( up to 1 Lakh/individual) Offer Internet banking Facilitate money transfers Sell …

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