National Nutrition Mission

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About NNM:

  • NNM is an apex body under Ministry of Women and Child Development
  • It will monitor, supervise, fix targets and guide nutrition related interventions across the Ministries.
  • It will monitor various schemes contributing towards addressing malnutrition.


Why needed?

  • There are number of schemes directly and indirectly affecting nutritional status of children (0-6 years age) and pregnant women and lactating mothers.
  • Inspite of these, level of malnutrition and related problems in country is high.
  • There are number of schemes but there is lack in creating synergy and linking between schemes to achieve common goal.
  • NNM through robust convergence mechanism and other components will strive to create synergy.


Function of NNM

  • Introducing a very robust convergence mechanism including ICT based Real Time Monitoring system.
  • It will incentivize states/UTs for meeting the targets.
  • It will also incentivize Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) for using IT based tools. It will eliminate registers used by AWWs.
  • It will introduce measurement of height of children at the Anganwadi Centres (AWCs).
  • It will aid to conduct Social Audits.
  • It will set-up Nutrition Resource Centres, involving masses through Jan Andolan for their participation on nutrition through various activities, among others.


Implementation strategy and targets

  • It will be rolled out in three phases from 2017-18 to 2019-20.
  • It will set targets to reduce stunting, under-nutrition, anaemia among young children, women and adolescent girls and reduce low birth weight by 2%, 2%, 3% and 2% per annum respectively.
  • Its implementation strategy will be based on intense monitoring and Convergence Action Plan right upto grass root level.
  • Though NMM has set target to reduce stunting is atleast 2% per annum, but it will strive to achieve reduction in stunting to 25% by 2022 (Mission 25 by 2022) from 38.4% (NFHS-4).