World Migration Report 2022 – UPSC Prelims

World Migration Report 2022:
  • It is a biennial report published by the “International Organization for Migration” (IOM) of the UN.
  • The 2022 report on global migration focuses on migration caused by climate change induced factors, like extreme disasters and weather events.
  • Findings:
    • More people are now being displaced by disasters due to the changing climate compared to conflicts.
    • In 2020, 30.7 million new displacements were triggered by disasters in 145 countries and territories. The figure in 2020 has increased despite covid induced containment measures.
    • Around 76% of the new displacement in the world was caused by disasters in 2020.
    • The Philippines experienced the highest absolute number of new disaster displacements in 2020.
  • Projected displacements
    • According to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, droughts could lead to the migration of 22 million more in Africa, 12 million in South America, and 10 million in Asia by 2059 (in comparison to the 2000-2015 period).
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