WHO BioHub Facility – UPSC Prelims

WHO BioHub Facility:
  • BioHub Facility has been launched to enhance the rapid sharing of viruses and other pathogens between laboratories and partners globally.
  • Based in: Spiez, Switzerland.
Key Features of the WHO BioHub Facility:
  • Facility will help in the safe reception, storage, and preparation of biological materials for distribution to other laboratories. It will help in global preparedness against these pathogens.
  • Facility will enable member states to share biological materials with and via the BioHub.
  • Sharing will take place under pre-agreed conditions, including biosafety, biosecurity, and other applicable regulations.
  • Currently, most pathogen sharing is done bilaterally between countries and on an ad hoc basis. It can be slow and leave some countries without access to the benefits and tools.
  • WHO will broaden the use of biological materials by qualified entities such as manufacturers, for the development of medical by-products for fair allocation to countries.
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