Wheat Crop in India – UPSC Prelims

Wheat Crop in India:
  • Suitable Conditions:
    • Wheat is a rabi crop that requires a cool growing season and bright sunshine at the time of ripening.
    • Temperature: Between 10-15°C (Sowing time) and 21-26°C (Ripening & Harvesting) with bright sunlight.
    • Rainfall: Around 75-100 cm.
    • Soil Type: Well-drained fertile loamy and clayey loamy (Ganga-Satluj plains and black soil region of the Deccan).
  • Top Wheat Producing States: Uttar Pradesh > Punjab > Haryana>Madhya Pradesh > Rajasthan> Bihar>Gujarat
  • It is the second most important cereal crop in India after rice.
  • It is the main food crop, in north and north-western part of the country.
  • Success of the Green Revolution contributed to the growth of Rabi crops, especially wheat.
  • Macro Management Mode of Agriculture, National Food Security Mission and Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana are few government initiatives to support wheat cultivation.
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