Ultimate military strength Index – UPSC Prelims

About Ultimate military strength index:
  • The Ultimate military strength index ranks the strongest military forces in the world.
  • The index calculated this after taking into consideration various factors. The factors include budgets, average salaries, number of inactive and active military personnel. The index also includes total air, sea, land, and nuclear resources and the weight of equipment.
Key Findings of Ultimate military strength index related to India:
  • India has the fourth strongest military force in the world.
  • India is the world’s third-biggest military spender. According to the index India spends almost a budget of USD 71 billion.
Other Key Findings of the Ultimate military strength index:
  • China has the strongest military force in the world. Despite the enormous military budget, the USA gets a second position. This is followed by Russia, India, and France.
  • The US is the world’s biggest military spender with a budget of USD 732 billion per year. This is followed by China(USD 261 billion) and India.
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