Types of UNSC Resolutions – UPSC Prelims

Type of UNSC Resolutions:
  • A UNSC resolution is of two kinds:
    • One is obligatory: An obligatory or binding resolution of the UNSC is passed under Article 39, Chapter VII of the UN charter.
    • Other non-obligatory:  A non-binding resolution of the UNSC is one that is passed under Article 33, Chapter VI of the UN charter.
  • During UNSC voting, abstention by non-P5 members merely means that temporary members do not wish to take sides in a resolution.
  • When a P5 member abstain from a resolution, it is called a Veto. Resolution fails in this case.
  • Example:
    • UNSC resolution to held Russia accountable for Ukraine invasion.
    • India abstained from it as it did not want to take any side. It had no effect on resolution.
    • Russia vetoed it and hence resolution failed.
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