Tick Infestation – UPSC Prelims

Tick Infestation:
  • The Ticks are harmful blood sucking parasites severely affect productivity of dairy animals and a major economic impediment, welfare concern in dairy farming.
  • Tick-Borne Pathogens (TBP) are a major source of production loss and a welfare concern in livestock across the globe.
  • This causes tick worry, loss of appetite among animals causing reduction in milk production, thereby lessening farmers’ income.
  • These parasites are vectors of systemic protozoan infection, threat to dairy animal health & productivity.
  • Presently, farmers rely on chemical acaricides that are costly, have to be used recurrently due to the nature of parasites.
  • Why in news? The NIF has developed and standardised a formulation comprising common herbal ingredients like Neem and Nagod. NIF’s polyherbal medication was found to demonstrate efficacy in field conditions and the development of technology-based on resources available in front of farm fields.
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