Tianhe – UPSC Prelims

Tianhe or Heavenly Harmony module:
  • Tianhe is the core module of China’s permanent space station. The space station is named Tiangong Space Station.
  • The module was launched into space aboard a Long March 5B rocket from the Wenchang Launch Center in China.
  • The module consists of three sections:
    • The habitable living quarter,
    • The non-habitable service section,
    • A docking hub.
  • Functions of the Module:
    • The Module provides life support and living quarters for three crew members.
    • Module also provides guidance, navigation and orientation control for the station.
    • It also provides the station’s power, propulsion and life support systems.
  • Significance: This module is the first of the 11 missions to build and supply the permanent space station.
Tiangong Space Station:
  • It is a Chinese Permanent space station to be placed in Low Earth orbit.
  • The Space Station roughly will have one-fifth the mass of the International Space Station. It will be the size of the decommissioned Russian Mir space station.
  • The operations of the station will be controlled by the Beijing Aerospace Command and Control Center in China.
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