The seventh Schedule – UPSC Prelims

  • The seventh Schedule forms the basis for allocating subjects to the Centre and States.
  • The 7th Schedule of the Indian Constitution deals with the division of powers between the Union government and State governments.
  • The division of powers between Union and State is notified through three kinds of the list mentioned in the seventh schedule:
    • Union List: It contains the subjects on which Parliament may make laws
    • State List: It contains the subjects on which state legislatures may make laws.
    • Concurrent List: It contains subjects in which both Parliament and state legislatures have jurisdiction. However, the Constitution provides federal supremacy to Parliament on concurrent list items in case of a conflict. (Unless the State law gets the assent of the President, the Central law will prevail if there is a conflict between the Central law and the State law.)
  • Article 246 deals with the 7th Schedule of the Indian Constitution that mentions the three lists.
  • Why in news? 15th FC has called for a fresh look at the Constitution’s Seventh Schedule.
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