SilverLine Project – UPSC Prelims

SilverLine Project:
  • SilverLine Project is Kerala’s semi high-speed railway project that aims to reduce travel time between Kerala’s northern and southern ends.
  • Distance: The railway line will be around 529 kms long, covering 11 districts through 11 stations. It will link the southern end and state capital Thiruvananthapuram with its northern end of Kasaragod.
  • Implementation: The Kerala Rail Development Corporation Limited(KRDCL) will execute this project.
  • KRDCL is a joint venture between the Kerala government and the Union Ministry of Railways.
  • Significance of the Project: Once the project is completed, one can travel from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram in less than four hours on trains traveling at 200 km/hr. The current travel time on the existing Indian Railways network is 12 hours.
  • Duration of the Project: The deadline for the project is 2025.
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