Shenzhou-12 – UPSC Prelims

Shenzhou-12 or Divine Vessel:
  • Shenzhou-12 is a manned mission.
  • It is the third of the 11 missions that needed to complete China’s first Permanent space station, named Tiangong Space Station.
  • Among these missions, four will be manned missions.
  • It will carry three astronauts to the orbiting Tianhe core module.
  • The astronauts will test the module’s technologies, including its life-support system.
  • Men will also be monitored for how they fare in space physically and psychologically for an extended period of time.
  • Significance: Shenzhou-12 is China’s seventh manned mission to space and the first during the construction of China’s space station.
  • It is also the first in nearly five years after China’s manned mission in 2016.
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