Rani Kamalapati – UPSC Prelims

Rani Kamalapati:
  • Rani Kamalapati was the 18th Century Gond queen of the region. She was the widow of Gond ruler Nizam Shah, chief of Ginnorgarh.
  • She is known to have shown great bravery in facing aggressors during her reign after her husband was killed.
  • Kamlapati is also claimed to be the “last Hindu queen of Bhopal” who did great work in the area of water management and set up parks and temples.
  • Kamalapati Palace: It is a secular architecture built-in 1722. The palace has been designated as a Monument of National Importance by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).
  • Why in news? Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister has renamed the Habibganj railway station after Rani Kamlapati.
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