Positive Vs Negative Secularism – UPSC Prelims

Positive Vs. Negative Secularism: 
  • Positive Secularism: 
    • A nation performs positive secularism when the constitution of that country has more power than religion.
    • Positive secularism is where the state plays an enabler role in the exercise of fundamental rights and the religious freedoms of all communities.
  • Negative Secularism: 
    • Under ‘negative secularism’, the state says that nobody can display their religious identity in public and the ban on hijab in public places was upheld by the constitutional courts.
    • Turkey observes negative secularism.
Positive Secularism in India: 
  • The Indian Constitution offers ‘positive secularism’ which recognises all religions as true.
  • The Indian interpretation of secularism stems from the Vedic precept of Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava.
  • The SC has observed that ‘Indian secularism’ is susceptible to a positive meaning, that is developing an understanding and respect towards different religions.