Permanent Indus Commission – UPSC Prelims

Permanent Indus Commission(PIC):
  • The Permanent Indus Commission is a bilateral commission of officials from India and Pakistan.
  • It is created to implement and manage the goals of the Indus Water Treaty, 1960.
  • The Commission according to the treaty must meet regularly at least once a year.
  • The PIC holds the meeting alternately in India and Pakistan.
  • Functions of the Permanent Indus Commission:
    • To establish and promote cooperative arrangements for the Treaty implementation;
    • Furnishing or exchange of information or data provided in the Treaty;
    • Promote cooperation between the Parties in the development of the waters of the Indus system
    • Examine and resolve any question in the agreement that arises between the parties.
Key Focus of the 116th Permanent Indus Commission(PIC) meeting:
  • India’s Projects on Indus River: The PIC will discuss Pakistan’s objections about two Indian projects:
  • Pakal Dul Hydro Electric Project(1,000 MW): It is being built by India on river Marusudar, a tributary of the Chenab. The project is located in Kishtwar district of J&K.
  • Lower Kalnai Hydro Electric Project: It is being developed by India on the River Chenab.
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