Octacopter – UPSC Prelims

  • Octacopter is an indigenous medium-class drone developed by National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) a constituent of CSIR.
  • Features of Octacopter
    • The drone is made of lightweight carbon fibre with a foldable structure for ease of transportation.
    • It has unique features like autonomous guidance through dual redundant MEMS-based digital autopilot with advanced flight instrumentation systems.
    • It can fly at an operational altitude of 500 metres and can carry a payload of 15 kg.
  • Applications
    • The drone can be used for the last-mile delivery of medicines, vaccines, food, postal packets and human organs.
    • It is also integrated with Powerful onboard embedded computers and the latest generation sensors for other applications like agricultural pesticide spraying, crop monitoring, mining survey, magnetic geo survey mapping among others.
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