National Organ Transplant Programme(NOTP) – UPSC Prelims

National Organ Transplant Programme(NOTP):
  • National Organ Transplant Programme(NOTP)¬†aims to promote organ donation and transplantation across all States/Union Territories (UTs).
  • Implementing Agency:¬†Directorate General of Health Services(DGHS), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is implementing the National Organ Transplant Programme.
  • Objectives of the Programme:
    • To organize a system of organ and tissue procurement & distribution for transplantation.
    • To promote deceased organ and Tissue donation.
    • Furthermore, to train required manpower.
    • Also, to protect vulnerable poor from organ trafficking.
    • Lastly, to monitor organ and tissue transplant services and bring about policy and programme corrections/ changes whenever needed.
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