Mud Crab Reovirus – UPSC Prelims

Mud Crab Reovirus (MCRV):
  • Mud Crab Reovirus (MCRV) is also known as Sleeping Disease.
  • The virus belongs to the “Reoviridae” family.
  • Reoviridae is a family of double-stranded RNA viruses. This virus has a wide host range including vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, protists and fungi.
  • Reovirus mainly infects connective tissue cells of the hepatopancreas, gills and intestine in mud crabs.
What is Mud Crab?
  • Scylla serrata commonly known as the Mud crab, Green crab or Mangrove Crab is an economically important species of crab found in the estuaries and mangroves of India.
  • There has been a huge interest in the aquaculture of this species due to their high demand/ price, high flesh content and rapid growth rates in captivity.
  • In India, crab culture is developing very fast in the states of AP, Kerala, West Bengal and Odisha.
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