MM Wave Band – UPSC Prelims

MM Wave Band:
  • This is a particular segment of radio frequency spectrum that ranges from 24-100 GHz.
  • It has short wavelength and is very appropriate to deliver at high speed and lower latencies.
  • The current available networks work optimally well on the shorter wavelengths, but they don’t work well on the parameter of speed, which is needed for 5G.
  • So for 5G to work at its full potential MM wave band is essential.
Concerns raised against inclusion of MM Wave Band in 5G:
  • According to Satellite Industry Association (SIA), this particular band has been reserved for the satellite based broadband services as per ITU (International telecommunication union)’s directive.
  • The 5G roadmap of European Union also follows this directive.
  • If excess spectrum is provided under 5G, it could pose a downside risk of bands going unsold or underutilised. 
  • Also the MM wave band is very critical for the satellite communication industry, and it is very essential to ensure that 5G operations do not interfere with their current operations.