Meteorites – UPSC Prelims

  • A meteorite is a term given to a piece of a comet or asteroid that falls into the earth’s atmosphere and survives to hit the surface. These objects come in three easy-to-remember categories: stony, metallic and stony metallic
  • Why in news?
    • A meteorite fell near Jaipur in 2017.
    • Geological Survey of India has been carrying out investigation on the remnants of the meteorite to discover vital information about the solar system.
Meteorites classification
  • Meteorites are broadly classified into three groups – stony (silicate-rich), iron (Fe–Ni alloy), and stony-iron (mixed silicate–iron alloy).
  • Chondrites are silicate-droplet-bearing meteorites, and this Mukundpura chondrite is the fifth carbonaceous meteorite known to fall in India.

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