Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of Nai Talim – UPSC Prelims

Nai Talim of Mahatma Gandhi:
  • The phrase Nai Talim is a combination of two words- Nai Means ‘New’ and Talim – a Urdu word-means ‘Education’.
  • Mahatma Gandhi introduced the concept of Nai Talim in 1937.
  • The concept laid emphasis on making mother tongue as the medium of instruction in addition to free compulsory education and skill training to the students.
  • The concept was based on four basic principles:
    • Education or learning in mother tongue along with handicraft work
    • Work should be linked with most useful vocational needs of the locality
    • Learning should be linked with vocational work and
    • Work should be socially useful and productive.
  • Why in news? Vice President of India said that the New Education Policy follows the ‘Nai Talim’ of Mahatma Gandhi by giving importance to the mother tongue as the medium of instruction at school level.
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