Jerenga Pothar – UPSC Prelims

  • Jerenga Pothar, an open field in Sivasagar town, is popularly connected to the valour of 17th century Ahom princess Joymoti.
  • Formerly known as Rangpur, Sivasagar was the seat of the powerful Ahom dynasty, who ruled Assam for six centuries (1228-1826).
  • Chaolumg Sukapha founded the Ahom kingdom.
  • From 1671 to 1681, the Ahom kingdom was undergoing a period of turmoil, it was at this time that Prince Godapani (Joymoti’s husband) escaped to the Naga Hills before enemies could capture him.
  • But his enemies captured his wife Joymoti, hoping she would tell them about his whereabouts, however, despite being tortured for days, tied to a thorny plant, in an open field, Joymoti refused to divulge any information.
  • She died, sacrificing her life for her husband, who ultimately became the king, ushering in an era of stability and peace in Assam.
  • The place Joymoti was tortured to death was Jerenga Pothar.
  • Significance of the Place:
    • While the Jerenga Pothar itself is not a protected archaeological site, its vicinity includes a number of protected sites, including the Na Pukhuri tank to its east and the Pohu Garh, a natural zoo built during the Ahom era, to its west.
    • Close by is the large Joysagar tank, built by Ahom king Swargadeo Rudra Singha in 1697, and the Vishnu Dol temple.
    • In 2017, the field was used for the centenary celebrations of the apex and influential literary body, the Asam Sahitya Sabha.
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