International Intellectual Property Index 2022 – UPSC Prelims

International Intellectual Property Index:
  • It is an annual report released by the US Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Centre(GIPC).
  • Aim: The index evaluates Intellectual Property rights in 55 global economies. These economies represent together over 90% of global GDP.
  • Parameters: It ranks countries based on 50 unique indicators. These indicators are divided across nine categories of protection: 1) Patents 2) copyrights 3) trademarks 4) design rights 5) trade secrets 6) commercialization of IP assets 7) enforcement 8) systemic efficiency and 9) membership and ratification of international treaties.
Key Findings Related to India:
  • India has been ranked 43rd in the 2022 index among the 55 global economies. In 2021 India was ranked 40th.
  • Index is topped by USA.
  • Among BRICS nations, India registered the second-highest growth with an overall improvement of over 13%.
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