INS Vikrant – UPSC Prelims

INS Vikrant:
  • Vikrant is the first aircraft carrier designed and built in India. It has over 76 percent of the material and equipment which is indigenous.
  • Vikrant is named after the Majestic-class aircraft carrier, which was operated by the Indian Navy from 1961 to 1997.
  • It is being built at Cochin Shipyard Limited(CSL), a Public Sector Shipyard under the Ministry of Shipping.
  • The ship is 262 m long.
  • It has over 2,300 compartments designed for a crew of around 1700 people including specialised cabins to accommodate women officers.
  • The ship is equipped with numerous high-end technologies, including network-centric distributed data processing and control systems and state-of-the-art weapons such as the Barak LR-SAM (long-range surface to air missile) and sensors.
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