Governor role in State Universities – UPSC Prelims

Role of Governor in State Universities:
  • The governor of the state is the ex-officio chancellor of the universities in that state. As the chancellor, he presides over the university convocation and also appoints the Vice-Chancellor.
  • But the Governor’s exact power as the Chancellor are laid out in the statutes that govern the universities under a particular state government.
  • For example: In Kerala, the Governor’s official portal states that as Chancellor, he acts independently of the Council of Ministers and takes his own decisions on all University matters.
  • On the other hand, the website of Rajasthan’s Raj Bhawan states that the Governor appoints the Vice Chancellor on the advice/ in consultation with the State Government.
Role of President in Central universities:
  • Under the Central Universities Act, 2009, the President of India shall be the Visitor of a central university.
  • With their role limited to presiding over convocations, Chancellors in central universities  are appointed by the President in his capacity as Visitor.
  • The VCs too are appointed by the Visitor from panels of names picked by search and selection committees formed by the Union government.
  • The President, as the Visitor, also has the right to authorise inspections of academic and non-academic aspects of the universities and also to institute inquiries.
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