Galathea Bay National Park – UPSC Prelims

  • It is located in Great Nicobar Island.
  • National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) has denotified the entire Galathea Bay Wildlife Sanctuary to build port, trade zone raising environmental concerns.
  • Galathea Bay is included in Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ)-I, the zone with maximum protection.
  • The park, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, houses a range of forest types, and has one of the best preserved tropical rainforests in the world.
  • The beaches on the island, like at the mouth of the river Galathea in South Bay, are among the most prominent nesting sites globally of the Giant leatherback.
  • Tribal concerns:
    • The Galathea Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the indigenous Shompen community. The envisaged project poses threat to the Shompen community.
    • The proposed project areas are important foraging grounds for the hunter-gatherer nomadic community. Large forest areas on the island could become inaccessible and useless for the Shompen.
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