Fast Radio Bursts – UPSC Prelims

What are Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs)?
  • FRBs are bright bursts of radio waves that blaze for a few milliseconds before vanishing without a trace.
  • They are spotted in various and distant parts of the universe as well as in our own galaxy.
  • However, their origins are still unknown, and their appearance is highly unpredictable.
  • The first FRB was spotted in 2007. Since then, scientists had only caught sight of around 140 bursts in their telescopes.
  • Source: Magnetars could be the source of some fast radio bursts(FRBs).
What is a Magnetar?
  • Magnetar: It is a type of neutron star. The magnetic field of such a star is very powerful. It can be over a thousand times stronger than a typical neutron star’s magnetic field.
  • Neutron: The formation of a neutron star occurs when the core of a massive star undergoes gravitational collapse at the end of its life.
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