Digital Ocean – UPSC Prelims

Digital Ocean:
  • Digital Ocean is a state of the art data platform to provide ocean data related services at one place.
  • It includes a set of applications developed to organize and present heterogeneous oceanographic data by adopting rapid advancements in geospatial technology.
  • It has been developed by the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) of the MoES.
Significance of the ‘Digital Ocean’
  • It will serve as a one stop-solution for all the data related needs of a wide range of users.
  • Data from various project like Deep Ocean Mission, ‘Samudrayaan’ project, research on alternate sources of energy, etc would be included.
  • It will help to assess the evolution of oceanographic features through 3D and 4Ddata visualization.
Importance of Ocean Data
  • It helps to improve our understanding of working of oceans thus play a central role expanding ‘Blue Economy’ initiatives.
  • It will help in capacity building on Ocean Data Management for all Indian Ocean Rim countries.
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