Clydebank Declaration – UPSC Prelims

Clydebank Declaration:
  • The Clydebank Declaration aims to set up green shipping corridors, which are zero-emission maritime routes between 2 (or more) ports.
  • Launched at COP26 by UK.
  • As part of the declaration, the signatory countries will support the establishment of at least six green shipping corridors by 2050.
  • Signatory countries: Around 19 countries have signed the declaration.
  • India has not signed the declaration yet.
  • What is the significance of this declaration?
    • According to the World Economic Forum, International shipping which transports 90% of world trade accounts for about 3% of global carbon emissions.
    • Hence, without efforts to decarbonize, the sector’s emissions could increase by 50% by 2050 based on the projected expansion of seaborne trade.
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