Chandler Good Government Index(CGGI) 2021 – UPSC Prelims

Chandler Good Government Index(CGGI):
  • The Chandler Good Government Index(CGGI) is published by the Chandler Institute of Governance(CIG). It is an international non-profit organization, with headquarter in Singapore.
  • Objective: The index measures the effectiveness and capabilities of 104 governments around the world in terms of government capabilities and outcomes.
  • Parameters: The Index is made up of 34 indicators which are organized into seven pillars:
    1. Leadership and Foresight
    2. Robust Laws and Policies
    3. Strong Institutions
    4. Financial Stewardship
    5. Attractive Marketplace
    6. Global Influence and Reputation
    7. Helping people rise.
Key Findings:
  • India’s ranking: India has been ranked 49th in the Chandler Good Government Index(CGGI).
  • Topped by: Finland has topped the index.
  • South Asian Countries: Sri Lanka has been ranked at 74th. Further, Pakistan is at 90th and Nepal at 92nd.
  • All the top ten countries are high-income as defined by the World Bank.
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