Central Waqf Council – UPSC Prelims

Central Waqf Council:
  • Central Waqf Council is a statutory body under the administrative control of the Ministry of Minority Affairs set up in 1964 as per the provision given in the Waqf Act, 1954.
  • It is an advisory body to the Central Government on matters concerning the working of the Waqf Boards and the due administration of Auqaf.
  • Auqaf (also spelled awkaf,) is an Arabic word meaning assets.
  • The Council consists of Chairperson, who is the Union Minister In charge of Waqf, such other members, not exceeding 20 in number, as may be appointed by the Government of India.
  • Each state has a Waqf Board headed by a chairperson, one or two nominees from the state government, Muslim legislators and parliamentarians, Muslim members of the state Bar Council, recognised scholars of Islamic theology and mutawalis.
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