Brief History of Israel-Palestine Issue – UPSC Prelims

Brief History of Israel-Palestine Issue:
British  expressed official support for a Jewish “national home” in Palestine under  the Balfour Declaration.
The UN  gave a partition plan for independent Jewish and Arab states in Palestine.  This was accepted by Jews but not by Arabs.
The  Jewish declaration of Israel’s independence induced surrounding Arab states  to attack.
At the end of the war, Israel controlled around 50  percent more territory than originally envisioned in the UN partition plan.  The country did Nakba (a Holocast) on the Palestinian people and expelled  about 80% of Arabs from its territory.
Jordan controlled the West Bank and Jerusalem’s holy  sites, and Egypt controlled the Gaza Strip.
The  Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was formed as the national  representative of the Palestinian people.
A  six-day war took place between Israel and Arab states. After the war, Israeli  forces seized the Golan Heights from Syria, the West Bank & East  Jerusalem from Jordan, and Sinai Peninsula & Gaza strip from Egypt.
The  Yom Kippur War took place between Israel and a coalition of Arab states led  by Egypt and Syria. The victory of Israel made it certain that the country is  here to stay for a long time.
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