Appointment of High Court Judges – UPSC Prelims

How is a High Court Judge Appointed?
  • A High Court Judge is appointed by the President of India.
  • Article 217 of the Constitution deals with appointment of Judges in High Courts.
  • President of India may consult the Governor of the State, the acting Chief Justice of India and Chief Justice of that particular state’s High Court.
  • A High Court judge is also liable to get transferred to other High Courts. Transfer of judges is done with an aim to ensure proper and just trial for every case fought in the court of law.
  • Both appointment and transfers are done based on the recommendations of Collegium.
Eligibility Criteria for High Court Judge:
Given below are the set of eligibility criteria mandatory for the appointment of High Court judges:
  • Any of the given qualifications must be fulfilled:
    1. The person should have been a Barrister for more than five years
    2. Has been a civil servant for over 10 years along with serving the Zila court for at least 3 years
    3. A person who has been a pleader for over 10 years in any High Court.
  • No judge should be of more than 62 years of age
The law states that every state must have a separate High Court, however, there still are certain states that do not have an individual High Court. For example – both Punjab and Haryana come under the jurisdiction of Punjab High Court sitting at Chandigarh. Besides, there is a common High Court for seven states – Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram.
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