AMLEX Device – UPSC Prelims

AMLEX Device:
  • AMLEX is an Oxygen Rationing Device that increases the life of medical oxygen cylinders threefold.
  • It is developed by IIT Ropar.
  • The device can be connected between the oxygen supply line and the mask worn by the patient.
  • It uses a sensor that senses and successfully supplies a required volume of oxygen to the patients (while inhaling) and trips when the patient is exhaling Carbon dioxide(CO2).
  • This process would help save oxygen, which gets unnecessarily wasted otherwise.
What was the need for an AMLEX device?
  • Generally during exhalation, the oxygen in the cylinder or pipe is pushed out along with the exhaled Co2 by the patient. This results in a large amount of oxygen wastage in the long run.
  • Also, a huge amount of oxygen escapes from the openings of the mask to the environment in the resting period (between inhalation and exhalation) due to the continuous flow of life-saving gas in the mask.
  • Hence, as the demand for medical oxygen jumps manifold amid the second wave of coronavirus, the device would save oxygen which gets unnecessarily wasted.
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