Advanced Chaff Technology – UPSC Prelims

Advanced Chaff Technology?
  • Chaff is a passive expendable electronic countermeasure technology. It is used worldwide to protect naval ships from enemy’s radar and Radio Frequency (RF) missile seekers.
  • Significance: Under this technology, a very less quantity of chaff material deployed in the air acts as a decoy. It will deflect the enemy’s missiles for safety of the ships.
About the Advanced Chaff Technology Developed by DRDO:
  • Defence Laboratory Jodhpur(DLJ), a DRDO laboratory has indigenously developed three variants of this chaff technology namely:
    • Short Range Chaff Rocket(SRCR)
    • Medium Range Chaff Rocket (MRCR) and
    • Long Range Chaff Rocket(LRCR).
  • Indian Navy has already conducted the trials of all three variants in the Arabian Sea on Indian Naval Ship and found the performance satisfactory.
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