3 Language Policy – UPSC Prelims

3 Language Policy:
  • In 3 Language Policy, it is commonly understood that the three languages referred to are Hindi, English, and the regional language of the respective States.
  • The three-language formula was first formulated by the Ministry of Education in National Policy on Education, 1968.
  • This formula was implemented in the country except for Tamil Nadu.
  • NEP 2020 continued with this policy, but it provided flexibility to the states in its implementation. It means it is not mandatory to adopt Hindi as one of the languages under the formula.
2 Language Policy in Central Offices:
  • Provision of the bilingual policy is applicable in the offices of the Central government. It is as per the provision of the Official Language Act,1963 and Official Language Rules,1976.
  • Why in News? A question was filed under the Right to Information (RTI) Act. The questions were raised on the CRPF event in Karnataka for the foundation stone-laying ceremony. The plaques in this ceremony were only in English and Hindi. The questionnaire asked whether the Ministry had noticed that the three language policy was not followed at the programme.
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