Urban Floods in India – UPSC GS3

What are the reasons behind floods in Urban areas?
  • Density of population
  • Underdeveloped infrastructure
  • Poor management across institutions
  • Faulty construction design of Smart City Project works
  • Not planting the required number of trees in the urban ecosystem
  • Not allow for groundwater recharge.
How India can mitigate the impacts of floods in urban areas?
  • Coordination between various institutions: For example, the coordination between water resources and disaster management authorities needs combined coordination and responsibility for disaster risk management.
  • Translate traditional water infrastructure investment into¬†nature-based solutions: Ensure adequate space for river and flood plains to capture discharge from high-intensity rainfall, and invest in healthy watersheds.
  • Work closely with grassroots organisations: To promote awareness on holistic flood risk management and participatory approach for risk-based early action coordination among stakeholders to mitigate flood risks.
  • Utilise the power of digital technologies: To digitise informal settlements, identify levels of vulnerability for flood protection strategies and ensure timely actionable information including financial supports.
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