PPP in Space – UPSC GS3

Global example of PPP in Space:
  • Collaboration between SpaceX and NASA
  • Launches of Crew Dragon Spacecraft
  • Starlink internet relay satellites
PPP in Space in India:
  • Instances of rocket component outsourcing, hiring of vendors etc.
  • The Indian government has opened up its space sector for private players officially, via a newly created arm i.e Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe) that will coordinate with private companies and startups to undertake commercial operations.
Implications of commercialization of space
  • In the case of US, commercialization has meant that NASA has been able to focus on programmes of space exploration, while SpaceX has provided with reusable rockets, large capsules to carry heavy payloads.
  • Models with public-private cooperation will enable Governments to pursue exploration programmes and shift away from utilitarian missions and allow the private sector to pursue such missions.
What is the future of space tourism?
  • Space tourism could become more common and frequent as space travel becomes more economical.
  • Private companies such as Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX, that will offer space flights, albeit for a very high fee.
  • Prospects of experiencing microgravity and also the possibility of spending days in the International Space Station will make space tourism more attractive and drive the demand upwards.
  • Colonization of moon is perhaps not a very distant dream now, the pace at which commercialization of space sector is being expanded, it is going to be a reality sooner than later.
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