India Agri Exports data – UPSC GS3

The World Trade Organization(WTO) has released a report on the trends in World Agricultural Trade in the past 25 years.
Key Findings of the Report:
  • Agricultural Exports:
    • India has entered into the top 10 list of agricultural produce exporters in 2019 with a sizable share in the export of rice, cotton, soya beans, and meat.
    • Major Countries:
      • EU>USA>China>India
  • India is top exporter of Rice.
  • Cotton: India was the third-largest cotton exporter (7.6%) and the fourth-largest importer (10%) in 2019. It had not featured in the top 10 list in 1995.
  • Soya Bean: Soya Bean is the largest traded agri product. India (0.1%) has a meager share in the Soya Bean trade but was ranked ninth in the world.
  • Meat and Edible Meat: India has been ranked eighth in the world with a 4% share in global trade.
  • Wheat and Meslin: While India was the seventh-largest wheat and meslin exporter in 1995, it does not feature in the top 10 list in 2019.
  • Concerns:
    • India lagged behind as a value-added contributor to world agri exports.
    • India’s share of foreign value-added content in its agri exports was also low at 3.8% primarily due to high tariffs on agri imports to protect the domestic market.
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