Drones : Applications – UPSC GS3

Various Applications of Drones:
Carrying  out everyday tasks like:
  • fertilizing crop fields on an automated basis,
  • monitoring traffic incidents,
  • surveying hard-to-reach places among others.
  • Drones can make medicine delivery more accessible and faster, especially in distant locations. Drone delivery of medical goods and time-sensitive transplant organs will also aid in improved resource management of limited supplies.
  • E.g. Telangana government’s ‘Medicine from the sky’ programme.
Inventory Management
  • Drones are being used to scan inventory at warehouses.
  • These machines, which are coupled with sensors, can quickly monitor and transmit data in real-time to enterprises, allowing them to manage warehouses efficiently.
Security and Surveillance
  • Drones can be used for critical surveillance and intelligence gathering as well, thanks to their remote monitoring capabilities.
  • They can also be used to inspect and offer real-time footage at construction sites.
Disaster Management
  • In the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or flood, authorities can dispatch drones to monitor the affected areas.
  • Drones can potentially be used as a social rescue device, detecting and directing trapped persons to safe regions.
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