Draft Space Based Communication Policy of India, 2020 – UPSC GS3

Aim: To meet the growing demands of space based communication requirements of the nation and advancements in the relevant technologies for self-sustenance in areas of commercial, secured and societal communications.
Key Highlights of the Policy:
  • Authorisation for space-based communications: Only Indians may get authorisations from the Department of Space(DoS) for running a satellite-based communications service. Additionally, Indian entities will have to get financial guarantees or insurance against damage that can happen in outer space due to their equipment.
  • Re-assigning unused orbital resources: The policy puts pressure on authorised entities by saying that unused orbital resources may simply be given to someone who is better prepared to use them.
  • Involving Indian industry: The involvement of Indian industry should be encouraged to deal with demand for existing and emerging services so that they can provide services both at home and abroad.
  • Govt to take up security and connectivity projects: For communications for national security (like military satellites), the Department of Space will take full charge of such systems. The DoS will also take charge of connectivity projects in remote areas that a commercial service provider may not be inclined to pursue.
  • Indian companies can buy PSU-controlled orbital resources: Indian companies can purchase spectrum and other orbital resources from designated PSU/CPSE under DOS on commercial basis subject to availability.
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