Defence Procurement Organisation – UPSC GS3

What is DPO?
  • DPO is a planned new procurement body to integrate and streamline the long and arduous process of defence acquisitions.
  • The DPO will be a vertical under the Union Defence Ministry.
  • It will simplify the defence purchase procedure by integrating procurement processes.
  • It was recommended by Pritam Singh Committee.
Why do we need DPO?
  • Government has modified the Defence Procurement ProcessĀ  several times, which applies to all defence capital procurements to bring in transparency and speed up acquisitions.
  • But even after multiple modification, the process continues to be lengthy and complicated.
NOTE: Defence Procurement is a major flaw in India’s security systems. DPO and DP can be mentioned in all answers related to defence forces, fight against terrorism, strategic autonomy, Make in India, Innovation etc.
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