NCST : Analysis – UPSC GS2

Read basics about NCST from Prelims Notes.
Status of NCST:
According to a parliamentary committee’s recent report, the NCST has been dysfunctional for the last four years and has not delivered a single report to Parliament.
  • Pending Reports:
    • In the financial year 2021-22, it has met only four times.
    • Its rate of pendency of resolution of complaints and cases that it receives is also close to 50%.
  • Manpower and Budgetary Shortage:
    • The Committee expressed dismay over the near paralysis of the Commission’s working with manpower and budgetary shortage.
    • The recruitment in the Commission was constrained because of lack of applicants as the eligibility bar was set too high and the rules being tweaked to enable many more candidates to apply.
Recommendations of the Panel:
  • The vacancies should be immediately filled as there should be no reason now for any further delay since the recruitment rules have been suitably revised.
  • The budgetary allocation for the Commission needs to be reviewed so that its functioning is not made to suffer for lack of funds.
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