Is Caste based census needed? – UPSC GS1

Why do certain sections favour such a move?
  • It will help identify inequities suffered by backward classes.
  • It will help in better targeting of Government welfare schemes.
  • Since job and education quotas are based on caste, this will help in evidence-based policymaking. The current policies are based on the last caste census, which was conducted in 1931.
  • SECC which was conducted to overcome this did not release its findings.
What are the challenges surrounding this move?
  • Such a move requires detailed deliberation, for which the time is less.
  • Any such last-minute move to change the questionnaire could delay the census.
  • As India seek to eliminate and weaken the notion of caste, such a caste-based census would only strengthen it.
Way forward
The state should not enumerate citizens based on caste until it is badly needed. The state should focus on Governance and implementation for better outcomes of schemes.
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