Contribution of Tribals in India’s Freedom Struggle – UPSC GS1

  • Union Cabinet has approved 15th November as Janjatiya Gaurav Divas to remember the contributions of tribal freedom fighters for the country.
  • This date was chosen as it is the birth anniversary of Birsa Munda who is revered as Bhagwan by tribal communities across the country.
Tribal contributions to the Indian freedom struggle:
Several tribal communities like Paharia, Chuar, Kol, Bhil, Ho, and others fought against British policies which adversely impact their social and economic frameworks and destroy their natural resources. Examples are:
  • Munda Rebellion : (Read in detail in notes on Birsa Munda)
  • Mangarh hill massacre: It is also known as the “Jallianwala Bagh massacre of the Vagad region“. The movement is led by Bhil social reformer and spiritual leader, Govind Guru. On November 17, 1913, the Britishers gunned down more than 1500 Bhils on Mangarh hill on the border of present-day Rajasthan and Gujarat, where the innocent people have gathered here for social causes under the leadership of Govind Guru.
  • Rani Gaidinliu : (Read in detail in notes on Rani Gaidinliu)
Way forward:
There is a need to highlight the stories of tribal heroes and heroines from the freedom struggle and introduce them to the new generation so that their sacrifices in the Indian freedom struggle get noticed.
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