Major Theatre Forms – UPSC Prelims

Theatre Forms State Theme Nautanki Uttar Pradesh Often draws   on romantic Persian literature for   its themes. Tamasha Maharashtra Evolved from the   folk forms such as gondhal, jagran and kirtan. Bhavai Gujarat Subtle social criticism laced with   humour. Jatra West Bengal/Orissa   and eastern Bihar Originated in   Bengal as a result of the Bhakti   movement. Initially known as Krishna jatra due to …

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Yakshagana – UPSC Prelims

Yakshagana is a traditional theatre form of Karnataka. It is a temple art form that depicts mythological stories and Puranas. It is performed with massive headgears, elaborate facial make-up and vibrant costumes and ornaments. Usually recited in Kannada, it is also performed in Malayalam as well as Tulu (the dialect of south Karnataka). It is performed with percussion instruments like chenda, …

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