Pre 1857

Birsa Munda – UPSC GS1

He belonged to the Munda tribe in the Chotanagpur Plateau area. Also known as Dharti Aaba (Father of Earth), Birsa Munda is known to have mobilised the tribal community against the British and had also forced the colonial officials to introduce laws protecting the land rights of the tribals. Birsait Sect: Having gained awareness of the British colonial ruler and the efforts of …

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Regulating Act, 1773 – Analysis – UPSC GS1

Introduction Act was passed by the British Parliament for the regulation of the British East India Company’s Indian territories, mainly in Bengal. The Regulating Act of 1773 opened a new chapter in the constitutional history of the Company. It was the first intervention by the British government in the company’s territorial affairs and marked the …

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Dual Government of Bengal (1765-1772) – UPSC GS1

Dual Government of Bengal was a system of Government was established by Robert Clive following the Treaty of Allahabad (1765). The British East India Company obtained the actual power; whereas the responsibility and charge of administration was entrusted to the Nawab of Bengal. Under this dual system of governance, the British administration acquired both the …

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