Music for Prelims

Trinities of Carnatic music

Trinities of Carnatic music are: Saint Tyagaraja Saint Tyagaraja was a renowned composer of Carnatic music. He has composed thousands of devotional compositions, mostly in Telugu in the praise of Lord Rama, many of which remain popular today. He saw the reigns of four kings of Maratha dynasty — Tulaja II (1763-1787), Amarasimha (1787-1798), Serfoji II (1798-1832) and …

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Thumri is common genre of semi-classical Indian music originated in eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. The term ‘thumri’ is derived from Hindi verb thumakna which means to walk with dancing steps so as to make ankle-bells tinkle. Thumri is connected with dance, dramatic gestures, mild eroticism, evocative love poetry and folk songs of Uttar Pradesh, …

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